Paint and Household Hazardous Waste

The Grimshaw, Manning/North Star,  Weberville and Dixonville Transfer Stations are permanent collections sites.

Unused household products that contain corrosive, toxic, flammable, or reactive ingredients are considered to be “household hazardous waste” (HHW).  Leftovers of products, such as cleaners, oils and pesticides that contain potentially hazardous ingredients require special handling when you dispose of them.  Improper disposal, such as pouring down the sink, pouring in the storm sewer. burning, throwing in the landfill or putting in the trash can ultimately lead to contamination of our water, air and land, and can be a threat to human health.


A household hazardous product has a least one of the following properties:  It is


Look for symbols printed on the packaging.


Keep materials in their original containers: if cracked or broken, place the container in a leak-proof package and label it.  Jars or cans of unidentified/unknown chemicals should be taken to a collection site and staff advised.  Any container printed with product warning symbols or precautions about use of the product or instructions on disposal of the container should be included.

There are recycling options for some hazardous wastes such as used oil, lead-acid batteries, ni-cad batteries and propane tanks.  Check with the transfer station operator.


Items collected are sorted, packed and labeled by qualified personnel, then some of the items taken to Swan Hills Treatment Centre for safe treatment and disposal.

 Some of the items brought to household hazardous waste collection sites:

Abrasive cleaners                                             Kerosene
Acetone                                                           Laundry starch
Aerosol paints and sprays                                  Laundry stain removers
Air fresheners (aerosol)                                     Lighter fluid
All purpose cleaners                                          Liquid cleansers
Ammonia                                                         Lye
Ant/wasp spray                                                 Mildew removers
Antifreeze                                                        Muriatic acid
Auto body filler                                                 Nail polish & remover
Barbeque starters                                             Oven cleaners
Bleach                                                             Paint thinners and strippers
Brake and transmission fluid                              Paints
Butane refills                                                    Photographic chemicals
Carbon tetrachloride                                          Propane gas cylinders
Car (lead-acid) batteris                                      Rechargeable Batteries
Car waxes and polishes                                      Rubbing alcohol
Contact cement                                                 Rug and upholstery cleaners
Degreasers                                                       Rust removers
Disinfectants                                                     Septic tank degreaser
Drain cleaners                                                   Shoe polish
Fabric softeners                                                 Silver and brass polish
Floor wax strippers                                            Turpentine, varnish, lacquers
Fungicides                                                        Spot removers
Furniture polishes and waxes                              Spa and pool chemicals
Gasoline                                                           Toilet cleaners
Glass cleaners                                                   Tub and tile cleaners
Glues                                                               Used oil
Hair-coloring                                                     Weed killers 
Hair-perm solutions                                           Windshield washer solution
Hair-sprays (aerosol)                                         Wood preservatives