Residential Pickup Guidelines – Town of Grimshaw

To better serve the residents of the Town of Grimshaw and the trucking company (collector). 


  1. The Town provides garbage pickup service once a week from each residential premise by automated cart collection.  Garbage carts are to be placed at the curb East of Highway – each Monday of every week for collection by 7:00 a.m. and West of Highway – each Thursday of every week for collection by 7:00 a.m.

  2. The following shall not be removed from the premises:

  1. Construction & Demolition materials

  2. Dead animals

  3. Discarded furniture, automobile parts, private vehicles and household appliances

  4. Fences, gates, other permanent and semi-permanent fixtures

  5. Tree limbs, whole shrubs or bushes and portions of hedges


    Residential  Requirements:

    All residential property owners within the Town of Grimshaw have been provided with a garbage cart and shall:

  1. Place solid waste in securely sealed plastic bags in the garbage cart.

  2. On garbage pickup day, have the garbage cart at curb side by 7:00 a.m. with the lid closed to reduce interference from dogs or other animals.  If the cart is overflowing it will not be collected.

  3. Only the one garbage cart provided per premises will be collected.  Additional bags can be placed at the curb but must have a “bag tag” sticker, which can be purchased from the town office.

  4. All owners or occupants are encouraged to recycle any acceptable recyclable waste materials.

  5. No person shall put out waste material or garbage unless:

    i. Grass clippings are in an appropriate garbage bag not to exceed 25 kg (kilogram) and securely tied.

    ii.  Garbage and waste from domestic establishments is thoroughly drained and placed in securely tied garbage bags.

    iii.  Waste paper, cardboard and other inoffensive refuse is to be placed within a securely tied garbage bag.

    iv.  The collector shall not collect ashes that are not properly quenched and appear to be hot or likely to cause a fire.

    Disposal of all waste unacceptable for removal by the collector shall be the responsibility of the occupant or property owner and any excess waste must be taken to the transfer station.

    The garbage cart is to remain with the property and should not be removed.  If you move, empty the cart and leave it at the residence.  Ensure it is in a secure location, such as a garage or shed.