Where Can I Take It?

1.  Used Oil and Filters

UFA in Grimshaw and Petro Canada in Peace River have recycling at their bulk stations.

2.  Wood

Only clean burning wood can be placed in the burning compounds.  Painted or treated wood will be accepted at the transfer stations but must be placed in seacans.  The regional site accepts all treated and painted wood.

3.  Derelict Auto Bodies

Check with you local auto wrecker.

4.  Construction and Demolition Wastes (C&D)

There is a charge for Construction and Demolition wastes at all transfer stations and the regional site.  Only small amounts of this waste is accepted at the transfer stations.

5.  Sledges

Not accepted.  Contact a commerical company that deals with sledges.

6.  Explosives

Not accepted.  Check with the retailer.

7.  Dead Animals

Accepted only at the regional landfill.  No cattle accepted because of the BSE legislation.  Cattle are to be buried on owners land.

8.  Heavy Metals

Accepted at the regional site or any salvage dealer.

9.  White Metals (Crushable Metals)

Accepted at the Manning/North Star, Weberville and Grimshaw transfer stations as well as the Regional Landfill.

10.  Electronic Waste

Home audio equipment, computer related equipment, telecommunications are accepted at the Manning/North Star, Grimshaw  Weberville and Dixonville transfer stations.,

11.  Batteries – Tires

Batteries and tires accepted at all the transfer stations and regional site.  Small batteries are accepted in the E-Waste bin.

12.  Paint and Household Toxic Waste

Accepted at the North Star/Manning, Grimshaw, Weberville and Dixonville transfer stations.